Generic questions

What technology is your map based on?
VisitedPlaces is using a mapping library from amCharts.
Can I get in touch with you?
Yes, if you accept that we may not be able to get back to you. Email us at [email protected].
Can I suggest a cool feature?
You can. But it really needs to be super cool. We had to cousciously drop a lot of features just to keep this tool simple and accessible to everyone.
Is this service free?
Yes. For now ;)
Do I have to register to use this?
Nope. There's no user accounts at VisitedPlaces. The service is completely anonymous.

Map-related questions

I can't find a map I'm looking for. Do you have it?
Try looking through the list of the maps on the home page. We do have maps grouped in several categories. We also have several version of world map further down the list (under W).
It's definitely not there! Can you add it for me?
Unfortunately no. We won't be able to accept custom map requests. We only have maps that are available in the amCharts library.
I'm not happy how country X is represented in your world map.
Look for different versions of the world map in the list. We have a few. If you're still not happy with the map choice, there's little else we can do.

Technical questions

What I can do with the map I created?
There are quite a few options:
  1. Download it as an image (PNG or JPEG).
  2. Share a link to your map various social networks directly from the edit screen.
  3. Download HTML code that you can use paste directly to your website.
  4. Grab a code to embed map as an <iframe>
  5. Grab a link to your map which you can share directly, or paste into WordPress and have it replaced with a live map!
  6. Export the animations to a video file in WEBM format, or animated GIF, which you can upload to YouTube, TikTok, or use any way you want.
Can I save the map and come back to edit it later?
There's no way to "save it", but you can bookmark or make a note of the link address. When you edit the map, the link will automatically be updated. Whenever you need to edit your map, you can put it into your browser's address field, and continue editing wherever you left off. The link contains all the information about your map.
Do I have to attribute you in some way when sharing/embedding the map?
Nah. The VisitedPlaces logo in the corner will suffice.
Oh right! Can I remove that?
Sorry, but no.
The snapshot of the map look very blurry when I share it on Facebook. What gives?
Unfortunately, that's how Facebook treats images associated with a link. There's nothing we can do about it, but you can try downloading your map snapshot as an image, then posting the image along with the link in Facebook directly.

Video-related questions

What's video export?
The VisitedPlaces tool allows creating cool animations. Video export allows downloading those animations as a video file (standard WEBM format) or as an animated GIF.
Can I export to any other video format tham WEBM?
No, I'm afraid. While WEBM is a standard format, supported by many websites and services like YouTube and Facebook, you might need to convert it if you need a video in some other format. We recommend using CloudConvert which is a free service.
Will video export work on my browser?
Video export will work on most modern browsers, except Mac Safari. If you're on MacOS, use Chrome browser, which is tested to work fine. (GIF export will work on Safari, though)
What about mobile devices?
For map editing and especially export to video we recommend using a desktop computer. Both for the added screen estate, which will make editing easier, and for the performance. But hey, if your phone works for ya, we're not going to stop ya ;)
Can I share a video directly to YouTube or some other network?
No. We will generate a video/gif file and will initiate a download. You will then need to save it locally, then upload to the network of your choice, such as YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, etc.