Terms and conditions

Generic terms

This service is provided AS IS
We do not provide any guarantee it will work. We will not provide any support or assistance, both in cases where something isn't working, or if you are having difficulties using it. Please refer to help section for guidance.
Availability and uptime
This service is offered AS IS, without any guarantees for availability or uptime. While it's running on highly efficient load-balanced environment, we cannot provide any guarantees the tool itself or embedded maps loaded from our servers will work. We also retain the right to limit, reduce, change or terminate this service at any time, without any prior notice.
Information disclaimer
VisitedPlaces provides maps created from various data bases. Please note, that due to conflicting nature of our World, no single map is viewed the same in all countries. It's your responsibility to use correct map in correct situation or country.

Privacy and personal details

We do not collect any personal details
This service is completely anonymous. We do not collect nor store any personal details. In fact we don't even save your map configurations.
Information retention
When you share your map on social media, we generate a snapshot of the map as a static image, for use in your post. That image is named randomly and is not associated with any identifiable details. Furthermore, the saved image will be deleted from our server after a month of its creation.